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Vi forhandler 'Face Value' iblandt vores 10.000+ vinyler / LP plader. Signed limited edition, number 19 of 21 signed copies. Signed and numbered by BobLäs mer Dylan on the title page. In fine condition.

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Market Value. A bond’s face value differs from its market value. Face value is the amount of money promised to the bondholder upon the bond’s maturity. By contrast, a bond’s market value is how much someone will pay for the bond on the free market. face [fās] 1.

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Reference is made to announcement from the Company 17.11.2020. The shares in Arcus ASA will be traded with new face value as from  I take what others say at face value.

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The face value of coins, stamps, or bill is usually its legal value. However, their market value need not bear any relationship to the face value. Directed by Steve Akahoshi.

At face value

A person: We saw many new faces the value stated on the face of a coin etc. Some old coins are now worth a great deal more than their face value. The term face value has been used literally since the 1870’s to refer to the monetary value printed on a bank note, stock certificate, bond, ticket, etc. These items may often sell at prices that are higher than their face value.

At face value

0. Nyckelord. 2010-talet · Ohämmad · Kvick · Positiv · Munter · Fräck · Inspirerande · Uppdrag · Rivalitet  Face Value. Unknown. 1991.

This is called as share premium. Directed by Steve Akahoshi.
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