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To achieve understanding of, despite some obstacle; to compreh Penetration refers to entering or making your way through something. It's also a deep insight. Se hela listan på Translation for 'Penetration' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations. Se hela listan på Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Penetration pricing is a strategy used by businesses to attract customers to a new product or service by offering a lower price initially. The lower price helps a new product or service penetrate pen·e·trate (pĕn′ĭ-trāt′) v. pen·e·trat·ed, pen·e·trat·ing, pen·e·trates 1. To enter, pass into, or force a way into: The needle penetrated the skin.

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2020-12-15 Video shows what penetrating means. able to pierce or penetrate. demonstrating acute or keen understanding. Penetrating Meaning.

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In medical genetics, the penetrance of a disease-causing mutation is the proportion of individuals with the mutation who exhibit clinical symptoms among all individuals with such mutation. For example, if a mutation in the gene responsible for a particular autosomal dominant … PO: Peak Oil: PO: Portsmouth (UK postal code) PO: Physical Oceanography: PO: Port Orchard (Washington) PO: Peace Operations (US DoD) PO: Palm Oil: PO: Pulmonary Oedema We have seven pillars of development.

Po penetration meaning

It is one of the measures of a company or industry's success in getting consumers to use their products. The penetration numbers for India are very low in most products, like telephones (tele density) or shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and so on. Definition of Penetration According to Black’s Law Dictionary, penetration is defined as “the insertion of the male part into the female parts to however slight an extent; and by which insertion the offense is complete without proof of emission.” The Texas Penal Code also makes sexual intercourse an element of certain crimes. Technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, this pleasure point is located deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. “It’s about two inches higher than the G-spot,” A person with male genitalia has vaginal or anal sex with one partner, while themselves being anally penetrated by another. A participant has vaginal or anal sex with one partner, and both have oral sex with a third.

Po penetration meaning

more_vert. 2020-12-15 A bar holds the tattoo needle that delivers the ink into the skin with a series of small pokes or penetrations. Definition of penetration in the Dictionary. Meaning of penetration. What does penetration mean?

a movement into or through something or someone: 2. the act of a man putting his penis into his….
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2020-12-15 Video shows what penetrating means. able to pierce or penetrate. demonstrating acute or keen understanding. Penetrating Meaning. How to pronounce, definition Definition of penetrate in the Dictionary. Meaning of penetrate.